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I really enjoyed working with the Enchanted Tools teams on global branding and their digital experience. This young Startup is creating a rather unique robot that moves away from the stereotypes of current robotics by bringing a real dreamlike universe.

From illustrations to robotic

The brief difficulty was to manage a mix between the aesthetics of robotics, often associated with something very technical, with the world close to Pixar cartoons. What came back in these two worlds was the “energy” side. So I created many visuals playing on light and space with starry backgrounds, fairy paths, waves and galaxy textures.

Blue was the dominant color desired by the client, I wanted to add a little magenta to avoid having too cold backgrounds. These shades also worked really well with the characters of Miroki and Miroka using the complementary colors yellow and orange. The finality gives a good contrast on the whole identity.

“We are really proud of our website which manages to perfectly mix our dreamlike universe linked to Miroki and its robotic version.”

Richard Malterre

COO of Enchanted Tools

3D render in WebGl and micro interactions

For the landing page, I really wanted to highlight the main character : the robot. So I opted for a very zoomed 3D rendering in order to discover in detail the arguments on the scroll. For that I called on my friends at Hocus Pocus for 3D and Akaru specialist in WebGL Dev.

It was also important to see animated illustrations related to the Mirokai universe to stick to the short film directed by Gaumont. This is why in different places on the site we find transitions, micro-interactions directly implemented in Dev.


Antony Legrand © 2022

Antony Legrand © 2022