I really liked working for the startup Merakoi, because the team tried to deal with a delicate subject, pharmaceutical laboratories “influencers”. At first I was really scared but when I discovered the very human project, I immersed myself fully in the concept! The branding and the site on which I worked absolutely had to transcribe this human side.

Illustrations with textures

Patients and healthcare companies want to work together. Yet both struggle to collaborate efficiently and miss the opportunity to integrate patients’ voices where it matters most: creating new healthcare solutions for patients.

To highlight the importance of humans, I wanted to use illustrations with a handmade side. The final rendering had to be very textured with imperfect lines and shades of color mixing what I had created in the branding. For this, I called on my friend Cabaroc who produced illustrations that were truly representative of the brand. The very present grain also brings a very interesting Print rendering to give an “In Real Life” side.

For this project I also worked with the letterer Francis Chouquet who created the Merakoi logo giving it a unique side.

“Hi Tony ! A giant thank you for the great work on our visual id. The team, customers and patient experts love it ! It's really such a pleasure to work with beautiful content ! And the guide style is super awesome too! Thanks.”

Silja Chouquet

Former CEO of Merakoi

Get away from the coldness of hospitals colors

Let's be clear, the pharmaceutical environment is often very cold. I really wanted to get away from this very “white” and very cold type of communication that we find in hospitals.

So throughout the site, I accentuated the use of "Merakoi green" in background and the highlighting of the very colorful illustrations. Even on a white background, these illustrations bring joy to a subject that is not necessarily so.


Antony Legrand © 2022

Antony Legrand © 2022