With my partners Aurélien Foutoyet, Thibault Mallet and the Akaru studio, we created the Prinft company specializing in the creation of tangible objects related to the world of Web3. We provide an all-in-one premium printing solution for
companies (Wallet connect + Shopify + Printing + Logitic)

Premium printed Box

We connect our tool to NFT's collections, create a custom online store, manage printing and logitics for customers, they can connect to our e-commerce solution and order the printing of their favorite card. They will then receive a box with their card printed on shiny metal, encapsulated in a Plexiglas protection which will also serve as a support for placing the trophy on their desk or shelf.

Everything comes together in a personalized packaging with a certificate of authenticity proving that he is the only one to hold this NFT. For this project, we created everything, from the concept to the branding and the site to the printing of the cards in our workshops.

“I so wish I was able to share these!! Product is amazing!!

Absolutely love it… many thanks for your hard work in getting it to me!”


NFT Owners

Between tangible and digital

At Prinft we want to create a link between artistic works or Digital Gaming and the creation of their tangible versions. We create this gateway thanks to several points, an NFC chip integrated into the printed card leading to the NFT Digital and thus proving the uniqueness of it. Then we gamify the experience with an augmented reality app that adds animated content over the printed map.


Antony Legrand © 2022

Antony Legrand © 2022